Saturday, July 31, 2010

Desert Flowering

Desert Flowering

I wonder which side you are sleeping on and
If your hair is tousled, or if there are
Pillow case marks on your cheek.
Are you hugging a pillow like I do?
Have you gone through a dozen dozen like I have?
I wonder what wakes you up and
If you startle awake or slowly come into focus.
Do you stretch and thank God for making it
Through another night? Or smile as the
Sun streaks across your face.

As for me, I am acknowledging the dimensions
Where everything is possible.
I am tossing the pillows I cling to.
I am remembering who I am.
I am rising up out of the Jordan
Looking into the eyes of a madman
In a hair shirt, and seeing him and myself.

I have done my time in the desert and
I am done with illusions and temptations.
I have walked through the gate,
Into the garden, and out.
This old self has died, and I am out of the cave. 
The wrinkles on your cheek and what side you sleep on
No longer concern me. 
Meet me with your true heart, your brave heart and
We can share our strength and
We can walk a path we create together.

© Anne 2010 (Revised)

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