Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dilemma II

Dilemma II

When I last opened the door
We just stood there,
Looking at each other
Over the threshhold.
I asked her in.
She declined, mumbling
Something about having
Been alone too long.

So I shut the door.
(Well, truth be known,
I just nudged it barely to...)

Of course, I kept my eye on her
Through the peephole. I felt
A bit like Alice...
And she looked back
Over her shoulder at me.

And here we are again.
She’s there again on the step.
I have opened the door a crack more.
“Keep your head.”
“Slow down your heart.”

I would like to step out,
Take her hand, and stroll down
Through the garden gate to
Wherever it leads.

Even if it led nowhere,
we would have gone there together.

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