Thursday, June 4, 2009

Love-Sick or Love-Well?

Paul talked  about the difference between John-the-Baptist consciousness and Christ-consciousness, making the case that John was operating from his head and Jesus from his heart. Paul's point was that one's intellect can only get one so far; intellect might open the door, but the heart must walk through it. This is all borne out in a later metaphor when John loses his head. Jesus, of course, gives his life. Well, that set me thinking about the difference between being "love-sick" and "love-well." The second term I think I invented. To be "love- sick," I think, is to be in love in the head: to obsess on the other person, to wonder what that person is going to do next, to make choices on what the other person might think of one. Psychologically, to be other-directed. To be "love-well" is to want to be able to give one's self to the lover, to trust that the other person is okay, to make healthy choices based on one's own individuality. Psychologically, to be inner-directed. The intellect and the heart are in a constant dance with one taking the lead and then the other. I hope that the heart has the last dance...

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