Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mental Health Erich Fromm The Sane Society

The mentally healthy person:

  • Is productive and unalienated
  • Relates to the world lovingly
  • Uses reason to grasp reality objectivity
  • Feels himself or herself to be a unique individual
  • Feels one with his or her fellow human beings
  • Does not respond to irrational authority
  • Willingly accepts the rational authority of conscience and reason
  • Is in the process of being born as long as he or she is alive.

In a sane society,

  • No one is a means to another's ends, but always an end in himself
  • No one uses himself or another for ends that contradict the unfolding of his or her own human powers
  • Acting according to one's conscience is viewed as basic and necessary
  • Opportunism and lack of principles is frowned on rather than rewarded
  • The person's relationships to others in the social sphere are similar in their qualities to relationships in the private sphere.
  • All economic and political activities encourage the growth of the people
  • Each person is an active and responsible participant in the life of society, as well as master of his or her own life
  • People are stimulated to relate to eachother lovingly
  • Everyone's productive activity in his or her work is furthered
  • The unfolding of people's reason is encouraged
  • People have a chance to express their inner needs in collective art and rituals
  • Qualities like greed, exploitiveness, possessiveness, and narcissism cannot easily be used to enhance one's prestige or bring material gain.

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