Thursday, June 4, 2009



I am always looking for you.

Is there Grand Central Station in Limbo?

If so, I am standing in it.

I am always looking for you.

I thought I glimpsed you a couple of weeks ago.

But I dismissed it.

I want to see you so much, I just thought

I saw you everywhere.

Then last week, I was sure I saw you.

Tonight, I am afraid I have found you.

It was as if I had picked up a piece of ice and

Gripped it so tightly that I couldn't tell

If it were Hot or Cold.

I should name this piece "Pandora."

But love opened the box, not she, and--

And now I have to think of Him.

Of you next to him in our bed.

Of him holding you with what should be my arms.

And you making his coffee, not mine

And kissing him off to work, not me.

All this and so much more.

Earthquakes couldn't open a larger fault

Than the one my mind imagines and my soul knows.

I should be in tears, but all I can think of is

Irving and: Vonnegut

The first, "Keep passing the open windows."

The second, "And so it goes."

© Anne 2008

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