Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Magnificent Inconvenience of Love

The Magnificent Inconvenience of Love

Well, here you are. Everything has worked out the way you planned it. Life has a certain comfortable flow to it, and you are feeling quite engaged and self-satisfied. You have managed your relationships or the lack of one so that you are comfortable and they are convenient. Your career is just where you want it and the timing is perfect. You are quite sure that you can see down the road just far enough to feel secure.


Love walks in. And what on earth are you going to do with Her? She is messily inconvenient, She disrupts schedules, She arouses feelings you had compartmentalized quite nicely, and She is persistent. You manage to push Her down in one spot and damned if She doesn't pop up in six others. Your priorities change, your thoughts become tattered,  you are half-way angry at yourself for being so pleased with yourself. And there She stands, smiling at your confusion, delighting in Her talent for disruption, taking all the credit for your glowing appearance, and, to make matters worse, She smirks. "Thought you were done with me?" She asks. "Well, I'm not done with you."

Just trust. Time is the test of true love....  

Copoyright Anne 2007

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